International Indian School Dammam (IISD)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
13/10/09 Restriction of Mobile Phones in the School


Dear Parents,

It is observed that mobile phones are still being brought and used by the students in the school in spite of repeated reminders.  As per the circular No. 02 dated 29 July 09 from the CBSE, New Delhi  the use of mobile phones is totally banned in the school environment.  In this circular CBSE has clearly pointed out many possibilities of misuse of mobile phones and the resultant consequences with clear examples.

All parents are requested to ensure that your ward is not carrying mobile phone to school.  For any kind of urgent communication they can go to the respective section and contact their parents by using the land telephone.  If any student is found in possession of mobile phone in the school the same will be confiscated and strict disciplinary action will be taken against such students.  This instruction based on the CBSE guidelines is for strict compliance with immediate effect.


Dr.  E K Mohd Shaffe
& H.O.I.

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