International Indian School Dammam (IISD)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  Principal's message - Class X results 2019 .pdf
  Compendium of Academic by CBSE After class XII  .pdf
  Ramadan Holidays for Admin, Accounts and Cash offices .pdf
  Ramadan Holidays  .pdf
  CBSE registration and exam fees payment .pdf
  Principal's message - Class XII results 2019 .pdf
  Ramadan timings .pdf
  Visiting Hours to meet Principal & HOI .pdf
  School Transport to be outsourced .pdf

Location & Schedule of classes for new academic year 2019-20 .pdf

  Fee for students moving from classes 5 to 6  .pdf
  Annual Fees for academic year 2019-20 .pdf

Documents to be collected by class  X and XII students  .pdf

  Admission Flow .pdf
  Holiday schedule for the academic year 2019-20 .pdf
  Safety, with respect to dropping of students  .pdf
  Parents to follow strictly .pdf
  An Alert to the Parents and Students .pdf
  Contact details of transport officials (New)
  Quran recitation and memorization classes for girls .pdf
  VAT Registration Certificate  .pdf
  Fee table with VAT  .pdf
  VAT implementation details .pdf
  VAT implementation .pdf
  Students to maintain discipline .pdf
  Bus routes re arrangement .pdf
  Students to follow strict discipline in the boys section premises  .pdf
  Open School Details  .pdf
  Bus routes and their stops  .pdf
  Bus Users to wear school ID card  .pdf
  Boys and Girls to travel separately in private vehicles .pdf
  Guideline for fee payment through Net banking .pdf
  Students to wear school badges .pdf
  Traffic movement near girls section  .pdf
  Traffic movement near boys section  .pdf
  Irregular driving and parking near school areas .pdf
  Traffic Guideline (Girls Section)  .pdf
  Traffic Guideline (Boys Section) .pdf
  Students to Avoid entering the park next to boys section .pdf
  Students of Classes IX to XII to carry Iqama  .pdf
  Unified Service Rules for International Indian Schools in Saudi Arabia .pdf
  Payment through Net Banking .pdf
Restriction of Mobile Phones in the School

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