International Indian School Dammam (IISD)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Charter of International Indian Schools in the K. S. A.









Article I    :    Introduction and definitions

 (a)      Every SCHOOL established  in different parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia run by the resident Indian community for Indian pupils shall be called the “International Indian School”.  The name of the city in which the school is established shall be added to the name.

 (b)     The students of each such SCHOOL shall be the children of Indian community members legally resident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and registered with the School.  In certain situations and with the permission of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, children of non-Indian nationals may also be admitted.

 (c)     Each SCHOOL  in  the Kingdom shall endeavour:- 

(i)      to provide the highest quality   of education according to CBSE syllabus;

(ii)              to ensure the English language as  the medium of instruction; and

         (iii)     to impart education to Indian pupils at the following levels: 

·        Nursery and Kinder Garten

·        Primary

·        Secondary

·        Senior Secondary  

(d)     Each SCHOOL shall provide all opportunities to its students for their all-round development through appropriate co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. 

(e)      Each SCHOOL shall endeavour to inculcate in its students respect and understanding of the customs and traditions of Saudi Arabia while preparing its students to be responsible citizens of India. 

(f)      Each SCHOOL shall adhere to political, moral and religious values of the Kingdom ensuring that Schools’ syllabus or curriculum should not violate these values.  

(g)     Each school shall adhere to the instructions of the Ministry of Education and  other government authorities concerned ensuring that this Charter does not contradict the regulations pertaining to the establishment of the foreign schools  or the terms & conditions on the appointment/termination of the Head of the Institution  issued by the Ministry of Education. 

(h)     In case of any contradiction between the articles of this Charter and the articles of the organisational rules for the Managing Committee of the foreign communities’ schools issued by the Ministry of Education, the text of the organisational rules shall prevail. 

Article II    :         Objectives of the Charter                            

          This Charter sets out the structure that shall govern the functioning of all International Indian Schools licensed by the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, affiliated to or in the process of obtaining affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India.  

Article III   :   Management structure  of the International Indian Schools 

          The following are the  components of the management structure of International Indian Schools in the Kingdom: 

(A)     Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 

(i)                The Ministry of Education is the  supervising body  of the International Indian Schools being authorised to issue  rules, regulations, circulars and management principles of the foreign schools in accordance with the regulations pertaining to  establishment of the foreign schools issued by the Ministerial Council vide its circular No. 26, dated 4/2/1418 A.H.    All the International Indian Schools shall, therefore,  follow the instructions issued by the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.   

(ii)              The  Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will  nominate one Officer  to be the “Observer” of each International Indian School in the Kingdom to ensure that the School is functioning in accordance with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education.  He will also assist the school administration by liaising with the relevant offices of the Government of Saudi Arabia to meet the various requirements of the School. 

(B)     Embassy of India, Riyadh: 

(i)      The Ambassador of the Republic of shall be the Patron of each International Indian School  in the Kingdom, in which capacity he shall   advise Members of the Higher Board/the Managing Committees/Head of the Institution/Members of all the Indian Schools to ensure that educational needs of Indian citizens and their educational institutions run in this country in the best possible way, and to ensure that these Schools do not violate  the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Central Board of Secondary Education.  He will also ensure that the educational  interests of the Indian community, particularly those of the pupils, are fully safeguarded at all times in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.       

(ii)      An officer from the Embassy of India, Riyadh, or the Consulate General of India, Jeddah, not below the rank of Second Secretary, shall attend the meeting of the Managing Committee of each International Indian School in the Kingdom as an “Observer”. 

(iii)     In case of the closure of an International Indian School in the Kingdom due to unforeseen circumstances or due to cancellation of its licence for  any reason, all the  movable and immovable properties of the School  shall be settled  under the supervision of the Ministry of Education according to Clause (19) of the Byelaws relating to Foreign Schools issued by the  Ministerial Council vide circular No. (26), dated 4/2/1418 A.H.,  in coordination with the concerned authorities.  

(C )   Higher Board to monitor the International Indian Schools in the Kingdom 

(i)      There shall  be a Higher Board to monitor the functions of all the International Indian Schools  in the Kingdom.  The Board will be made up  of the following: 

(a)      All Chairmen of the elected Managing  Committees of the  International Indian Schools, as members. 

(b)     An expert (Indian national) in the field of education,  as member. 

(c )    An expert (Indian national) in the field of finance, as member. 

(d)      An expert (Indian national) in the field of administration, as  Member. 

(e)      A representative of the Ministry of Education 

(f)      A representative of the Embassy of India,  not below the rank of Second Secretary, as observer. 

(ii)      The above-mentioned three  Indian experts will be nominated as the Members of the Higher Board with the coordination and consultations between the Ministry of Education  and the Embassy of India, Riyadh.    

(iii)     The  President of the Higher Board will be selected from amongst the  .    Members of the Board. 

  (iv)      The Board shall meet routinely  once in  three (3) months  or any time in case of emergency  and shall submit its  reports, decisions and recommendations in respect of each International Indian School in the Kingdom to the  Department of Education under whose jurisdiction the School is located, Directorate General of Education  (Foreign Education), Riyadh,  and the Embassy of India for their consideration.      

(v)     All the Members of the Higher Board shall have the right to cast a vote.  The decisions and the recommendations will be taken through majority vote.      

(vi)     Detailed rules relating to the functioning of the Higher Board shall be finalised  within three months of the approval of this Charter  by the Ministry of Education.    

(D)     Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi

           Each International Indian School, on the educational and academic side,  shall function within the framework of the principles, rules, norms and procedures prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, on the basis of a formal affiliation with the Board. 

(E)     The Managing  Committee: 

(i)      Each school shall have a Managing  Committee formed  according to the procedures outlined in this Charter by the Ministry of Education and its rules & regulations.  The tenure of the Managing  Committee of each International Indian School shall be three years from the date of its formal constitution.  The Managing Committee shall take care of the administrative, financial and educational interests of the School.  The Committee, through its Chairman, will be responsible for all the affairs of the School before the  government authorities and organisations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

(ii)      The Managing  Committee shall be constituted as follows: 

(a)      One nominee of the Department of  Foreign Education, under whose jurisdiction the School is located, as  observer.

(b)     One nominee of the Ambassador of India, Riyadh, as observer. 

( c)    A representative of the Directorate General of Education (Foreign Education), whenever it is needed. 

(d )    Elected members : Seven  parents of the students of the school (five in case of School’s with less than 1,000 students),  who will be elected by the parents as per the rules laid down by the Ministry of Education), Riyadh; and   

(e)      The Head of the Institution will be the Member-Secretary of the Managing  Committee of the School, who will be a non-voting member of the Committee. 

(f)      In case of non-availability of enough eligible candidates due to less number of students, the minimum number of Members would  not  be less than three.           

(F)     Chairman of the Managing  Committee


          Chairman of the Managing   Committee will be selected by the members of the Committee from amongst the elected members to head the Managing   Committee of the School.   

(G)    The Head of the Institution 

Each School shall have a Head of the Institution, who shall be responsible for implementing the academic, administrative  and financial decisions of the Managing  

Committee.   The larger Schools shall  have a separate Head of the Institution designated as the “Director” of the School.   In smaller Schools (i.e. having less than 2,000 pupils),  the Principal of the School will be the Head of the Institution.  The selection of the Head of the Institution/Principal shall be done by the Committee in accordance with the rules and regulations laid down by the Ministry of Education on appointment of Director/Principal of the foreign schools. 

Article IV   :       Functions, Duties and Responsibilities of the Higher Board,  Managing Committee and its Sub-Committees 

(1)              The Higher Board to  monitor the International Indian Schools in the Kingdom 

(i)      The recommendations of the Managing Committee in respect of the following items  shall be submitted to the  Higher Board for its final approval:- 

(a)      Renting/purchase of all lands, moveable and immoveable   properties for the School. 

(b)     Construction of permanent structures. 

(c )    All contracts exceeding one year. 

(d)     All  non-recurring expenditure exceeding SR. 20,000. 

(e)      Disposal  of school  properties valued at SR. 10,000 or above. 

(f)      Interaction with Saudi and Government of India organisations/ departments. 

(g)       Appointment/renewal of contract/termination of all School staff of the rank of the Head of the Institution, Principal, Director(Administration & Finance)/Registrar shall be approved  by the  Higher Board with majority decision after the  written consent of the Department of Education under whose jurisdiction the School is located.   

(h)       Creation/termination of posts in the school; and  

(i)        Revision of School fees. 

(ii)      Whenever the need arises, the Higher Board will have the right to evaluate the functioning of : 

(a)              the Managing Committee and its Chairman 

(b)             the Head of the Institution/ Principal /Director (Admn. & Fin.)/  the Vice- Principal and the Registrar 

(c)              individual Members of the Managing  Committee. 

(iii)     The Higher Board may  recommend removal of the Chairman/individual Members/termination of the whole Managing  Committee without completing its tenure, to the Director  General   of Education  under whose jurisdiction the School is located, for  approval in the following situations:-  

(a)      If the Board is satisfied of their being incompetent to continue as Chairman/Member/Members of the Managing  Committee. 

(b)     If deep differences emerge amongst the Members of the Managing  Committee leading to infighting, and continued impediments in the functioning of the Managing  Committee.  

(c )    If the  sponsor of a Member sends a letter  withdrawing his permission given to the Member to continue as Member of the Committee.   

(d)     If a Member is convicted in a court of law resulting in his arrest or imprisonment. 

(e)      If a Member  leaves the Kingdom on final exit. 

(f)      If a Member is  transferred to a place outside the city where the School is located. 

(g)     If it is found that the terms & conditions applicable on  the  Members at the time of their candidature  were  not followed and implemented in his case.  

(h)     If it is found that the information provided by  him  at the time of his candidature for the Managing  Committee was incorrect. 

(i)      If his son/daughter ceases to be a student of the School. 

(j)      If he remains absent in four consecutive general/emergency meetings of the Committee without  giving valid reasons. 

(k)     Resignation of more than one third (1/3rd) of the members of the Managing Committee or in case certain  Committee members working in concert  have been found guilty of gross misconduct, nepotism, corruption  or violating CBSE or Saudi Arabian laws, rules & regulations.  

(l)      The recommendation on the termination of the whole Managing Committee without completing its tenure has to be approved by the Minister of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

(iv)     In the event of the termination of the Managing  Committee, alternate arrangements shall be made by the Higher Board in consultation and coordination with the Department of Education under whose jurisdiction the School is located, to oversee the management of the school by appointing either: 

(a)              A caretaker committee from the existing Managing  Committee; or  

(b)             An ad-hoc committee with three members from among  the Parents of the pupils of the School to be selected by the Higher Board, or  

(c)              A Joint Committee consisting of the above-mentioned two Committees with the approval of the Director of Education under whose jurisdiction the School is located. 

v)       The caretaker/ad-hoc /joint committee  shall function till arrangements to elect the new Managing Committee are made in coordination with the Embassy of India, Riyadh and  the Ministry of  Education in the Kingdom.    However, the period  to reconstitute the new Managing  Committee shall not exceed one month, after which the Managing  Committee shall be elected by following the prescribed electoral process.   

(2)     The Managing  Committee 

          The Managing  Committee will be responsible to take administrative and financial POLICY decisions as regards the functioning of the School.  For better administration, it will function only through three Sub-Committees, viz., Academic, Administrative and Finance Sub-Committees.   

(A)     The general functions of the Managing Committee  

(i)      It shall supervise the activities of the school for its smooth functioning. 

(ii)      It shall take stock of academic programmes and progress of the school. 

    (iii)      It shall aim at academic excellence and all round development of the   students, so  that they successfully compete at national and international    levels. 

          (iv)     It shall work according to the rules of the CBSE in matters of admission, promotion, examination, staffing etc. 

          (v)     It shall formulate policies to take care of the welfare of the teachers and employees of the School. 

(vi)            It shall evolve both long-term and short-term programmes for the improvement of the School. 

(vii)          It shall ensure that the norms given by the CBSE regarding terms and conditions of service and other rules governing recognition/affiliation are  strictly adhered to. 

          (viii)   It shall ensure that the School does not violate  Saudi laws/rules as regards employment and the terms and conditions of the service. 

(ix)            Review and approve all recommendations made by various sub-committees.  Implementation of all decisions (academic, administrative and financial) should be done only through the Head of the Institution.  The Head of the Institution, as Member-Secretary of the Managing Committee, will have every opportunity to convey his views on any matter to the Managing Committee during the meetings of the Committee.  

          (x)     The Managing  Committee will meet once in two months routinely and under emergency as often as required.   It will not conduct any business during summer or other vacations when many members are on vacation, except in case of emergent situations like accidents, natural calamity etc. Venue of the Managing  Committee meeting will be the conference hall of the school.  The  Committee will not meet privately at any other venue unless approved by the Higher Board. 

(xi)            It shall ensure that copies of agenda of each Managing  Committee meeting is sent well in advance to the  Chairman of the Higher Board, the  Embassy of India, Riyadh, the Department of  Foreign Education  under whose jurisdiction the School is located,  and the Ministry of Education (Foreign Education), Riyadh,  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by the Member-Secretary of the Committee.  Likewise, minutes of each Managing  Committee meeting will be sent to the Chairman of the Higher Board, the  Embassy of India, Riyadh,  the Department of Foreign  Education under whose jurisdiction the School is located, and the Ministry of Education (Foreign Education), Riyadh,  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, within a week from the date of such meeting. 

          (xii)    The members of the  Managing  Committee  shall in no case directly or indirectly interact with the press.  Only Chairman shall have the  authority to interact  with the press. 

       (xiii)      The Managing   Committee shall ensure that it does not adopt populist measures.  No member of the Committee will directly deal with  the students or the parents of the students to gain popularity.  No member of the Committee shall grant financial benefits and/or concessions or award contracts and purchases by keeping his own personal or anybody’s vested interest in view.  Such an act will be considered harmful for the interests of the School. 

        (xiv)  Members of the Managing   Committee will rise above the sectarian considerations.  They will think and act unitedly for the betterment of the school.   

         (xv)    Members of the Managing  Committee will not entertain representations from the members of the staff individually. They would also refrain from collecting information from the school officials and not interfere with the functionaries of the school. 

(B)     The administrative functions of the Managing Committee 

          (i)      It shall make policies as regards appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff in accordance with the norms of the CBSE and supervise the appointments made by the Interview Board consisting of    the Chairman of the Managing Committee,  the Head of the Institution,  Principal and  one external  subject expert.  No other member is allowed to sit in the interview board. 

          (ii)      It shall guide and support the Head of the Institution to maintain discipline and good school climate and work as appellate authority for “major penalties” awarded by the Head of the Institution.  In case of Head of the Institution, any proposed action against him will be initiated only by the approval of 2/3rd majority of the total membership of the Managing Committee. Any disciplinary action or extreme step  against the Head of the Institution, Principal,  Director (Admn. & Fin.) and  Registrar  will be initiated only after the written  approval from the Higher Board  and the Director of Education under whose jurisdiction the School is located. 

(C)     The financial functions of the  Managing Committee  

        (i)        It shall ensure that the school remains financially sound and that there is no financial irregularity or violation of procedure. It shall preserve and safeguard school fund/properties against misuse and misappropriation. 

(ii)      It shall approve the annual budget and make sure that the same is strictly adhered to by the Financial Sub-Committee and  Head of the Institution. 

(iii)            The School shall create reserve fund to meet emergency situations and run its operations for a period of at least 2 years. 

(iv)            It shall recommend revision of tuition fees and other charges to the Higher Board for its approval  to make sure that expenditure does not exceed the budget. All major decisions like additional levy to meet the unforeseen requirements, etc., will be taken by the Managing  Committee with the majority of the full Managing  Committee under information to the Higher Board. 

       (v)        It shall organise internal and external audit regularly to ensure that no financial irregularity is committed, and shall submit audit reports to the Higher Board at the end of each financial year.   

(3)     Chairman of the Managing   Committee 

(i)      The tenure of the Chairman will be one year from the date of his selection as Chairman.  He can be re-elected for the second year also. 

(ii)      The Chairman will preside over the meetings of the Managing  Committee and ensure smooth and orderly conduct of meetings. 

(iii)     He will set up the Academic, Administrative and Finance sub-Committees in accordance with the provisions of Article V of this Charter.  

(iv)     He will approve leave of the Head of the Institution/Principal/Director (Admn. & Fin.)/Registrar and keep the Managing Committee  informed. 

(v)     He will sign the appointment/renewal of contact/termination letter of the  Head of the Institution/Principal/Director (Admn. & Fin.)/Registrar, after getting the approval in writing from the Higher Board and the Director of Education under whose jurisdiction the School is located, on appointment/renewal of contract/termination. 

(vi)     All decisions will be taken by majority in the Managing   Committee.  In case of a tie, the Chairman will have a casting vote. 

(vii)    Order inquiry into any matter that is of serious nature. 

(viii)   He shall act as a link between the Managing   Committee and the Head of the Institution.  No other member of the Managing  Committee is allowed to contact the Head of the Institution,  Principal, Director (Admn. & Fin.) Vice Principal, Registrar,  Head Master, Head Mistress or any other School functionary  directly or issue any kind of oral/written instructions. 

(ix)     He shall make sure of implementation and follow up of the decisions of the Managing Committee.  He shall give rulings (within the framework of rules and regulations). 

(x)     The Head of the Institution will report only  to the Chairman of the Managing   Committee.  The Chairman shall safeguard the functional autonomy of the Head of Institution.  The Chairman shall ensure that neither he nor any other  Committee Member interacts with the school staff directly or  enters the classrooms during  school hours .  He will also ensure that no  School documents or files including their photocopies are taken out of School premises by him or any other Member of the Committee.   

(xi)     The termination of the Chairman before the completion of his tenure can be recommended to the Higher Board  by the Managing Committee with a two-third majority of the total voting members.    The reasons for such termination as discussed by the Managing Committee   should  be  recorded  and  recommended  to  the  Higher   Board  in writing.  In the event of prolonged illness, transfer, resignation or any other eventuality,  the Higher Board will appoint one of the members  as Acting Chairman with the  consent of  Director of Education, under whose jurisdiction the School  is located,   till another chairman is elected. 

(xii)    He shall ensure that the Annual Audit Report conducted by an authorised legal accountancy firm is sent to the Patron and the Director General of Foreign Education, Riyadh, at the end of each financial year.  

Article V     :         Formation of the Sub Committees 

(a)       To assist the Managing   Committee in the specific functional areas, there shall be  the following sub-committees.  These  Sub-Committees shall evolve POLICIES and make recommendations to the Managing Committee for  its approval and will not have executive powers. 

(i)                       the ACADEMIC SUB-COMMITTEE 

                   (ii))         the ADMINISTRATIVE SUB-COMMITTEE 

                   (iii)         the FINANCE SUB-COMMITTEE 

(b)     The sub committee members shall be drawn from amongst the members of the Managing   Committee. 

(c )    In addition, Special sub-committees shall be formed as and when the occasions demand with the consent of the Higher Board . The members of such committee shall be generally drawn from amongst the members of the Managing  Committee. However, the experts  from the technical and academic fields can be co-opted  in the Special sub-committees with the consent of the Higher Board from within the Managing  Committee or outside. Such special sub-committees shall stand dissolved automatically once their assignment is completed. 

(d)     The members of  the Sub-Committees shall not exceed half the strength of the Managing  Committee. 

(e)      The Chairman of the  Managing   Committee or his nominee for that Sub-Committee, by virtue of his position, shall chair  the sub-committee meetings and the  Head of the Institution shall be the non-voting Member-Secretary of all the sub-committees. 

Article VI   :         Functions of the Sub-Committees             

     (a)     All the decisions of the Sub-Committees will have to be approved by the Managing  Committee, and, where necessary, by the Higher Board. 

(b)     A member forfeits his membership if he is absent for 3 consecutive meetings without giving a proper explanation. The Chairman of the Managing  Committee will nominate a replacement. 

(c )     The agenda for the sub-committee meetings will be prepared by the non-voting Member-Secretary  and circulated at least  three days before the actual date of meeting. Each member has the same right as the Member-Secretary  to add items in the agenda. The Secretary will circulate the minutes within a week. The minutes so circulated will be confirmed by the sub-committee in the subsequent sub- committee meeting. 

(A)     ACADEMIC SUB-COMMITTEE: The functions and powers of the Academic Sub-Committee will be as under: 

(1)     Improvement in Academic Standards. 

(2)     Publication and Cultural Activities. 

(3)     Formation of broad academic objective and policies, ensuring that Islamic Civilization, Arabic language, history and geography of the Kingdom are included at all levels.

(4)     Review of curriculum with the objective to continuously update the material within the framework of CBSE requirements. 

(5)     Review of textbooks with the objective to recommend the most instructive and acceptable textbooks. 

(6)     Review of co-curricular and sports activities,  recommendation to purchase teaching aids, laboratory equipment, books, etc. 

(7)     Formulation of effective measures for academic counselling. 

(8)     Formulation of measures to improve the academic performances of IIS students in the Board and other Examinations. 

(9)     Review and formulation of methodology on evaluation at the time of recruitment. 

 (10)   Development and implementation of evaluation mechanism during probation period. 

(11)    Development and implementation of mechanism for annual evaluation of teachers. 

(12)    Review of the evaluation during probationary period and annual evaluation of all teachers for making recommendations to the Managing  Committee for :-  

(a)      Regularisation after successful completion of probationary period 

(b)     Promotion through Departmental  Committee comprising the  Academic Sub-Committee,  Head of the Institution/Principal and the Section Head

(c)     Increment 

(d)     Transfer of teachers to  lower classes 

(13)    Formulation of policies and broad review of the deployment of teachers. 

(14)    Formulation of policies and measures for teachers in-service training programme. 

(15)    Formulation of policies and regulation to maintain discipline among students. 

(16)    Development of awareness among students and parents for competitive examinations through Career Guidance Cell. 

(17)    To annually review the placement of all teachers based on their teaching abilities, qualifications and experience, with a view to obtaining optimum utilization of their services in the field of their specialization in the best interest of the institution. 

(18)    To review the laboratory facilities and other subjects in the school and to bring to light shortcomings, if any. For this purpose, all the concerned senior teachers/ in-charge of laboratories, subject teachers and  Vice Principals could be called in an extraordinary academic sub-committee meeting, with the consent of the Principal.   

(19)    To ensure that all policy decisions taken by the Managing Committee on Academic Affairs are implemented. 

(20)    The Academic Sub-Committee will keep track of teachers’ recruitment and resignations. 

(21)    Library: The Academic Sub-Committee should make sure of a well equipped library. The selection of books should be done in consultation with the subject teachers. It should make sure that the school subscribes to sufficient newspapers and magazines suitable for students and for the professional needs of the teachers. They should also make sure that the library shall not contain any book or other forms of literature, that expose or propagate communal disharmony or discrimination based on religion, regions or languages, etc. The school should not stock in the library any book disapproved by the Saudi Government/CBSE. It should also  make sure not to stock in the Library any book violative of Saudi religious, social and political values. The Committee should make sure that the Librarians of the school keep a complete record of the books in the library record. By the 31st March  of every year, they submit their requirement after consultations with the subject teachers, Supervisors, Vice Principals, Principal, and the Head of the Institution,  and it should be submitted for budgeting. Annual stock taking of the Libraries must be completed by the end of the Academic session for which a board will be ordered by the Head of the Institution comprising the Librarian, concerned Section Head, and  two senior members of the staff. Except for fair wear and tear, any deficiency/ loss of books will be recovered from the individual borrowing the book or the Librarian. Cost of book + 10% handling charges will be recovered. 

(22)    Such other matters on Academic subjects as may be entrusted to it by the Managing  Committee. 

(B)     ADMINISTRATIVE SUB-COMMITTEE: The Administrative Sub- Committee will be generally responsible for all “Administrative and Transport” subjects that would inter alia, include the following: 

(1)     Negotiating and finalising, subject to general and specific instructions on the subject by the Higher Board and Managing  Committee, of renting of buildings and other facilities for the School/School activities.  However, final approval for renting of buildings, shifting from one building to another and/or increase in the rent will be obtained from  the Higher Board in writing.   

(2)     Purchase of movable property by the school, including transport vehicles, building fixtures, teaching aids and equipment, books, material of curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school and, such other items, subject to principles of General financial propriety and procedures on obtaining of quotations, best advantage to the institution etc., etc.  The final approval for purchase of movable or immovable property by the school, including transport vehicles and building fixtures will be obtained from the Higher  Board in writing. 

(3)     Such other matters on administrative subjects as may be entrusted to it by the Managing   Committee.   

(4)     Arrange for manpower requirement in consultation with the Head of the Institution and other Sub-Committees and invite bids from reputed manpower suppliers as per the laid down procedure. 

(5)     Will be responsible to the Managing Committee  for making adequate provisions of Classrooms, Office rooms, Store rooms, Laboratories, maintenance of school building including electrical maintenance, annual repairs, washing, painting, gardening, fire fighting, etc., and co-ordinate with the Government departments like police, traffic court, fire safety, Municipality, etc. 

(6)     The Committee is responsible for the safety and security arrangements of the school including safety of the children during the school  hours  and at the time of their transportation, etc. 

(7)     The Committee should identify the potential sources of hazards like the electrical installation, accident-prone area, etc., and provide adequate safer remedial measures through the school administration. 

(8)     Maintenance of hygienic environment in the School by periodic inspection of facilities and providing necessary guidance and instructions to the students on the subject. 

(9)     This Sub-Committee shall be responsible for the health scheme of the school including first aid unit, health statistics of students, health care and insurance programme, etc. 

(10)    The Sub-Committee shall be responsible for all safety measures required to protect students, teachers, staff and school properties. 

(11)    This Sub-Committee shall organise training programme for safety measures including fire-drill, first aid, etc. 

(12)    Arrange for periodic health education session by health experts/ trained IIS teachers. 

(13)    Adequate facilities and trained personnel in the first-aid room. Periodic evaluation of the activities by the nursing personnel. 

(14)    Management of Canteen, renewal of its contract  and quality assurance.  It should also ensure that all the employees of the canteen produce a Medical Certificate issued by a Saudi hospital stating that they are not suffering from any disease. 

(15)    The Sub-committee shall co-ordinate all school matters related to various departments of Saudi Government with the concerned sections of the school. 

(16)    The Sub-committee shall be  responsible for all publications of the school and shall  co-ordinate with specific group responsible for each area of operation. 

(17)    The Sub-committee shall co-ordinate with the Academic groups in conducting general functions, festivals, exhibitions and other events of general interest. Permission for holding functions, festivals will be taken from the Ministry of Education. 

(18)    The Sub-committee will be responsible for the recreational facilities and their proper utilization. 

(19)    The Sub-Committee.

(a)      Shall ensure provision of adequate and comfortable transport facilities to all the students of IIS,  who wish to commute by bus. 

(b)     Shall take care of transport and recommend  purchase/hire of as many buses as required but in a manner that the transport does not run in loss. 

(c)     Shall hire minimum transport crew. 

(d)     Shall ensure availability of transport facilities in emergency situations especially medical emergencies. 

(e)      Shall make sure that the bus fees are realised as  per the commuters list regularly and there is no pilferage in the transport section or no defaulters amongst the commuters. 

(f)      Shall ensure that there is a log book for each transport and the same is entered regularly by the driver and the Transport Supervisor and countersigned by the Administrative Officer. 

(g)     Shall ensure utmost economy in the use of transport, repairs and replacement of spare parts. There must be a separate stock register for the spare parts with all possible  details. Annual stock taking will also be conducted for the spare parts before condemnation of unserviceable spare parts.  

(h)     Such other matters on administrative subjects as may be entrusted to it by the Managing  Committee. 

(C)    FINANCE SUB-COMMITTEE: The functions and powers of the Finance Sub- Committee will be as under: 

(1)     To prepare annual budget in coordination with other sub-committees. 

(2)     To monitor the cash flow, disbursement, etc. 

(3)     To act as internal auditors. 

(4)     To guide the School authorities in maintenance of proper accounting of salaries, tuition fees, lab. fees, sale of books, etc. 

(5)     To advise school authority through the Managing  Committee  on investment option of school  funds/ securities, bank dealings, etc. 

(6)     Represent the school authority in the work of external auditors and carry out the external auditor’s report. 

(7)     The Finance Sub-Committee should prepare a panel of reputed Chartered Accountancy Firms and evaluate them and discuss with the  Managing Committee  before instructing the firm so selected to conduct the external auditing of IIS. A record to this effect should be maintained. 

(8)     Continuously monitor and suggest improvements on financial procedures and accounting systems and such other items on financial matters as may be entrusted by the Managing Committee. 

(9)     Suggest cost control system to the Administrative Authority and oversee its effectiveness to ensure that, at all times, there shall be no shortfall in funds to meet the normal approved liabilities of the School, so that the School does not, at any stage, face the prospect of bankruptcy. 

(10)    To monitor/check all types of expenses and advice the Head of the Institution in respect of inadmissible expenses. 

(11)    To verify check/scrutinize and consider the recommendations of  other sub-committees decision, for expenses, which are not budgeted and have financial implications. 

(12)    To initiate recovery procedure for all types of defaulters such as fees, advances, non-compliance of rules/ contracts entrusted. 

(13)            The Chairman of the Managing Committee along with the Head of the Institution will  compulsorily be  the bank signatories.  In the absence of the Chairman, the other authorised signatory from the Managing Committee will operate the bank accounts along with the Head of the Institution or in his absence, Director (Administration & Finance)/Registrar. 

Article VII 

(a)      This Charter shall come into force after its approval by the Minister of Education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.   

(b)     Managing  Committees set up on the basis of elections before the promulgation of this Charter shall continue to function and complete their term in accordance with all the provisions of this Charter without any contradiction to the organisational rules of the foreign schools issued by the Ministry of Education. 

(c)     In respect of other Schools, the Managing   Committee shall be constituted in accordance with this Charter and shall function as per the provisions of this Charter. 

Article VIII 

          No article of this Charter can be amended or deleted except after two  years of its implementation and after written approval from the Embassy of India in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Ministry of Education,  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



(1)     Composition of the Managing Committee:

The Managing Committee will consist of  7 (SEVEN) elected members from amongst the parents of the school children through direct vote by one of the parents.  In case of smaller schools, where the number of students is less than 1000, the Parents Committee will consist of five elected members.  In case of non-availability of enough qualified candidates due to less number of parents , the number of members should be minimum 3 (THREE).    The   Head of the Institution  shall be the Member-Secretary (non-voting).  To ensure balanced representation of all parts of India, the Committee shall not have more than two elected member from any one State of India.  A representative of the Ministry of Education, Foreign  Education (non-voting) and a representative from the Embassy of India (non-voting) will be the Observers in the Managing  Committee.  

(2)     Tenure of the Managing Committee:  

The tenure of the Managing  Committee will be three  years. 

(3)     Election Commission: 

          The Election Commission will comprise the following to conduct election to elect seven members (five where applicable) of the Indian community above the age of 25. 

(i)  Two parents of the school students with their proven record of integrity, sincerity and selfless cooperation with the school provided that that they are not candidates for the School Managing  Committee. 

   (ii)   Representative of the Ministry of Education (Foreign Education) 

   (iii) Representative of the Embassy of India, Riyadh 

    (iv) The Head of the Institution (Indian National) 

(v)     Two staff members of the School, one from the academic side and the other from the Administration.   

(vi)    The Head of the Institution shall be the  Chief Election Commissioner. 

(vii)          The Director General  of Education in the region, where School is situated,  shall announce the names of the above-mentioned Election Commission Members, in consultation with the Embassy of India, Riyadh.   

 (4)    Election date, time and venue:  

          The Election Commission shall decide the date and time of the election and shall convey this to the parents in writing.   The venue of election shall be the School premises. 

(5)     Voter’s eligibility: 

(a)      Must be a parent  of the student(s) as per school records. 

(b)     Must be an Indian  citizen. 

(c)     Must clear school dues. 

(d)      Must have a valid Iqama. 

(e)              Must not be a teaching/non-teaching staff member of the School and their Spouses. 

(6)     Candidate’s eligibility: 

(a)      Must be a parent of student(s) for at least one year as per school record and that his child/children should not be in the final class of the school. 

(b)     Must be a citizen of India,  who could devote sufficient time for the welfare of the school. 

(c)     Must be a voter. 

(d)     Must hold a University degree as a minimum duly attested by the Embassy of India, Riyadh, and a responsible position in a reputed company/ organisation. Masters/Professional degree holders will be preferred. 

(e)      Should not be the school employee or spouse of the school employee/a relative of the school employee/a  member of another school committee, or former employee of the school. 

(f)      Must have a “No Objection” letter from his employer/sponsor in original duly attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in which the sponsor should clearly mention that he/she is agreeable for the active participation of the candidate in the Managing  Committee meetings for the next three years and that the candidate will be in a position to attend the monthly meetings or any emergency meeting at a short notice.  

(g)     The Director General of Education,   Riyadh, is empowered not to allow any Member of the previous Managing Committee to put up his/her candidature in the new Committee.  He is also empowered  to give opportunity to one or maximum two Members of the previous Managing Committee to put up their candidature for the new Committee provided that : – 

(i)                All the terms and conditions applicable to  other candidates shall be applicable to him/them also. 

(ii)              The candidate’s practical contribution in the previous Committee was distinguished and constructive. 

(iii)            There were no complaints or observations against him nor was he/she a party to any problem or issue, which had taken place during his/her tenure as the Member of the Committee. 

(iv)            The Election Commission should unanimously approve to give him/them another chance to put up his/their candidature in the new Committee.   

(v)     Candidates for the membership of the Committee, if elected, shall be the Member only for one term.  Re-candidature is allowed only after the completion of the tenure of the  next two Committees. 

(h)     Must not be a diplomat/official of the Indian Embassy, Riyadh or the Consulate General of  India, Jeddah. 

(i)      Must produce salary certificate issued by his employer attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, clearly  stating that his monthly  basic salary is not less than SR. 5000/-. 

(j)      Must produce a character certificate issued by the Embassy of India, Riyadh. 

(k)     Must submit a reference of two responsible Indian nationals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who will stand guarantee for him in connection with his conduct and financial soundness.  

(l)      He/she should submit a brief note not exceeding 100 words in which he/she should propose the manner in which he/she  plans to ensure  better education to the children of Indian community and the academic progress of the school during his/her tenure of membership, if elected.  

(m)           His/her place of work and place of residence should be within the city where the School is situated.   

(7)     Duties of Election Commission 

(a)      To take necessary steps, make arrangements and issue necessary instructions for holding smooth elections of the Managing Committee from the beginning till the end and notify it to all the concerned.  

(b)     To prepare and  distribute Identity Cards to all the staff members deployed for election duty.   

(c )    To receive relevant documents from the candidates, study them, scrutinise them strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down for the candidature to the Committee in order to ensure that the candidate comply with all the rules & regulations  regarding their candidature.   

(d)     To supervise the election process ensuring free and fair conduct of elections and submit the results to the Director of Education under whose jurisdiction the School is located, for its  endorsement   with a copy to Patron of the International Indian Schools in the Kingdom.   

(e)      To hold preparatory meeting immediately after the announcement of the names of the Commission Members to take the following actions :- 

(i)                Preparation of Action Plan determining procedures, modes, items needed for holding elections and for preparation of time schedule. 

(ii)              Decision on the number of members to be elected for the Managing  Committee as per Article III (E)(ii) (c ).

(f)      The Commission is empowered to stop election process, nullify its results and decide re-poll if the situation demands such an action. 

(g)     In case  of  differences in the view points of the Commission Members, the case  be referred to the Director of Education under whose jurisdiction the School is located, whose decision will be final.   

(h)     All the Election Commission Members would sign the minutes of their  meetings to authenticate them. 

(i)      The Head of the Institution shall issue all the notifications/circulars with regard to day-to-day developments and requirements of elections.   

(j)      The task of the Election Commission shall  end with the announcement of the results of the  Managing   Committee elections.  The Commission shall hand over all the relevant documents in its possession to the Director of Education under whose jurisdiction the School is located. 

(k)     Scrutiny of Nomination Forms: The Election Commission will scrutinize/verify the compliance of candidate’s eligibility (Items a to m) of Para 6 above and the candidate’s nomination forms and notify all concerned accordingly. 

(l)      Withdrawal of Nomination Form: Any candidate may withdraw his nomination form by a written application submitted personally to the Election Commission on or before the notified date. 

(m)    The final list of contesting candidates will be notified through  the School by the Election Commission. 

(n)     Each candidate will be allowed to nominate one Polling Agent on his/her behalf from among the voters.  

(o)     Voting Procedures: 

(i)                Each voter will be provided with a ballot paper. The voter will have to produce his Iqama/passport at the time of casting his vote.  Photocopies of Iqama/passport will not be allowed. 

(ii)              A voter should put a check mark ( X ) inside the box at the right side of the desired candidate’s name on the ballot paper and put the ballot paper into the ballot box in front of the Polling Officer. 

(iii)            A ballot with an incorrect check mark will be treated as invalid vote. 

(iv)            A voter must vote in favour of  7 (seven) candidates (five in case of smaller schools) according to his/her own choice. However not more than two of these should be from any one state of India.  

(v)              If the voter votes for less or more than seven  candidates (less or more than five in case of smaller schools), the ballot paper will be considered as null and void.  

(vi)            No canvassing is allowed in and around the election area i.e. in and around the School compound.  

(vii)          No one else except the candidate, voter and persons related to the election affairs will be allowed inside the election area. 

(viii)        The vote may be cast by  one of the parents. 

(8)     Vote Counting: 

(a)      Election Commission will appoint staff members of the School to count the votes in its presence. 

(b)     Only candidates or their Polling Agents will be allowed to   remain present  while the  votes are counted. 

(c)    No person present at the vote counting will be allowed to leave the counting room until vote counting is completed. 

(d)     Draw will decide the winner/position in case of equal number of votes are polled in favour of more than one candidate in front of both the contesting candidates. The  Election Commission will conduct the draw, and its decision will be final. 

(9)     Declaration of Election Results and installation of the new Managing  Committee: 

(a)      After completion of the counting,  the Election Commission will announce the result in front of Candidates present. The Election Commission will send the same to the  Director of Foreign Education under whose jurisdiction the School is located, Director General of Foreign Education, Ministry of Education, Riyadh and the  Embassy of India, Riyadh.   

(b)     The Directorate of Education under whose jurisdiction the School is located,  after the announcement of results, shall notify the candidates about their election to the Managing  Committee within a period not exceeding one week after its endorsement by the Director of Education, under whose jurisdiction the School is located.  

(c )    The Director of Education under whose jurisdiction the School is located,  shall notify to all the authorities concerned names of the new Managing  Committee Members including the name of its Chairman. 

(d)     The newly elected Managing   Committee shall take over the charge from the old Committee within a maximum period of two weeks from the date of announcement of results.  Handing over/taking over formalities between the old and new Committees shall take place in the presence of the representatives of the Embassy of India, Riyadh and the  Ministry of Education (Foreign Education).  The Chairman of the outgoing Committee shall convey both the representatives in writing about the date and timing of this meeting at least one week in advance and shall also forward them the agenda of the meeting.   




                     Managing Committee Election ______Serial Number____




1.     _______________        


2.     _______________       


3.     _______________


4.     _______________



5.     _______________



6.     _______________



7.     _______________




8.     _______________



9.     _______________



10.     ______________  


11.     ______________



12.     ______________



13.     ______________


14.     ______________



15.     ______________



16.     ______________



17.     ______________



18.     ______________



1.  Voters must carefully affix stamps within the box space provided on the right of each name.  Even if any one marking crosses the boundary of the box the Ballot will be INVALID.

2.  Any Ballot paper with more or less than SEVEN stampings will be rejected as INVALID.

3.For this Ballot Paper to remain VALID, it should have a serial number, two facsimiles and the polling officer’s signature.


Appendix B

Authorization from the Sponsor

This is to certify that Dr./Mr./Mrs.……..………………………………..


is employed by me in ……………………………………………………

                                      (Name of the organization)

in the capacity of ……………………………………………………….

                                      (exact designation)


I understand that Dr./Mr./Mrs. …………………………………………

 wishes to become a Member of the Managing    Committee of the International Indian School, ________ in accordance with the procedure prescribed for the purpose by the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom, and the Embassy of India, Riyadh.

I have no objection to his accepting this, if selected.  He will be allowed by me to attend the Managing   Committee Meetings whenever convened without any reservation.


Signature: ……………………………..

 Name of the Sponsor:………………………………….

 Commercial Registration No. …………………………


 Seal of the Company: …………………………


Appendix C


International Indian School, ----------  Managing   Committee Election


                                                 Passport size



     1.  Name of the Candidate    :

     2.   Father’s name                :

     3.   Place & Date of birth     :

     4.  Present residential         

        address in the Kingdom            :

     5.  Permanent Address in    

           India                                :

     6.  Name and details of       

           the employer                    :

     7.  Present position held

           with actual designation     :

     8.  Salary Certificate, in original,

           from the sponsor and duly

          attested by the Chamber of

          Commerce.                       :


       9. Period of holding the

           present position                   :

      10. Details of previous            :

            Employment in the   Kingdom            

    11.   Period of stay in the  Kingdom                           :

    12.    Educational qualifications     :

             with details:



Name of the institution/University

Period and years of the course

Year of passing
















   13.      Passport details: No………………..  Date of Issue:……………


Place of issue:……….. Valid till:……………

                                        (attach photocopy)

   14.  Iqama details:        No……………….. Date of Issue:……………

                             Place of issue………… Valid till:…………..

                   (attach photocopy

   15.   To which State/Union Territory of India you originally belong:

   16.   What is your mother tongue:

  17.   Details of child(ren) studying at  present in the school.


S. No.

Name of Child



G.R.  No.


























18.      If member of any previous

Managing  Committee of

 this school, specify details:

19.      In case of having been on

      the Managing Committee  of any

other school presently/previously,

 specify details.

 20.     Whether written authorisation

from the sponsor is attached

     giving permission/no objection

     to the candidate’s membership

     on the Managing   Committee

 (attach original authorization in the prescribed



Appendix D


           I hereby declare that the above information is true. I also declare that in case I am elected to the Managing Committee of the school,  I shall devote adequate and sufficient time for fulfilling the responsibilities of a Member of the School Managing  Committee without involving myself in any other activity except educational for the benefit of the School and its students.   I affirm that neither my spouse nor any of my close relatives like father, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law are employed or associated with this School. I further affirm that neither me/my sponsor  nor any member of my family has any financial/business links or dealings with the School.  I also affirm that I was never an employee/ contractor/ under contract with International Indian School_______________.

           I accept all the terms and conditions prescribed for election to the School Managing  Committee and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations that are prescribed or may be prescribed.

Signature of the Candidate………………………….

Parent Code No……….. 

Proposed by:




Indian Passport No.

Iqama No.

Name of child studying in the school


 of the  proposer
































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