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‘Quality in both academic responsibilities and accomplishments is excellence that endures’

Preparatory Section of IIS Dammam nurtures the manifold growth of over 2800 children aged from 5 to 7 years, having 130 teachers under the supervision of Mrs Sadiqua Wahid.  The credo of Prep. Section is to provide an all-round development & sound moral base.   Fostering character building, cherishing the inquisitive spirit of children & strengthening social bonds are our constant endeavours.
The teachers are an eager, intelligent and efficient lot with a wide spectrum of experience in literature, journalism, child psychology, computer science etc.   They have the expertise not only to teach the little minds but also to mother them, teach them to be courteous, encourage them to greater personal achievements and above all love them constantly.

In this section with a motto ‘Service Before Self’, child care precedes the instructional input. Every now and then, we get together in the form of teachers’ workshop to plan, to ponder upon and to devise ways to hold the little ones who are like clay in the hands of a potter

Besides academics, we have CCA classes to awaken the dormant talents of young children.  We have activities such as card making, clay modeling, singing, recitation, talent scan, origami, general knowledge quiz, elocution etc. in which children participate whole-heartedly

Value education and Art & Craft periods have inculcated in the minds of the little ones the importance of personal hygiene, clean surroundings, how to be independent in dressing themselves up, recycling of waste materials, drawing, colouring, collage etc.
Music periods help the children to tap their singing talents and build-up confidence at the same time enjoy the lighter moments


“Without libraries what have we ?  no past, no future!”.  Prep. Section has a wide variety of reading materials in its library for the children with the hope that this will help in augmenting a life long respect and love for books in them.

The morning assemblies are a special element in our curriculum.  It enables our dedicated team of teachers to help our tiny tots to develop their minds and instill a sense of discipline. They are organized class-wise with class teachers of each section taking the responsibility of conducting the assembly.  A chance to go up on the stage to recite the surah, to administer the pledge,  read news, share the morning thought and to enact a skit with a moral,  which enhances self-confidence in the children.

Besides, special events are earmarked for special assemblies. Each special assembly packs a theme in its presentation and increases awareness on that topic.  To name a few – Labour day, Environment day, Library week, Gandhi Jayanti, Saudi National Day etc
Play is an integral part of primary education.  We have games as well as physical training every week when the teachers take the children out and teach them games and a variety of exercises.
In addition children take part in various races like – Flat race, Potato race, Buttoning up the shirt race etc.
Sports Day is a NO STUDIES day where the children exhibit colourful drills and spend all their energy cheering the medal winners and champions.
Children are groomed to dance or to enact stories and songs with a theme for the Foundation Day celebrations held in the school annually with great pomp and show.


Prep. Section throws open its gates on Parents Day to welcome the parents and their wards to interact with the teachers and school authorities.
In the foregoing,  Prep. Section with a lot of zeal is committed to demonstrate the highest standard of academic and overall excellence.


The introduction of this international curriculum will help our students to lead a balanced happy successful and stress-free life.  In a globalised world in addition to knowledge, attitude and skills are going to determine success.   The key features of CBSEi

. enquiry & skill based curriculum
. catering to individual learning skills
. learner and learning centric
. focus on experimental learning
. focus on analysis and discovery approach
. focus on real world experience There are five learning areas with a core area that incorporates perspective, critical thinking, research projects, live skills and social empowerment through work and action (sewa)

The curriculum for grade 1 and 2 will include two languages, English & Hindi.
The language curriculum aims to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading & writing in a variety of contexts and to train students to adapt to the language to suit different tasks, audiences and purposes.  It aims to develop confidence in the students so that they can use their skills and abilities effectively

Environmental education
The learning of social studies and science is covered as environmental education in classes 1 and II.  Where it is a combination of four dimensions of environment.  These are physical environment, geographical environment, cultural environment and social environment.
The fourth area of learning combines the areas of physical educations, performing arts and visual arts.  These offer opportunities for the development of imagination, sense of aesthetics, sensitivity and inventiveness all of which are requirements of a balanced curriculum.

The physical education curriculum contributes to the physical fitness aspect and all round development of students.  This element of curriculum will not be formally examined at the end of the year but will be graded across the year based on the student participation and teacher observations. Performing arts curriculum provides a means of personal expression and the articulation of ideas.   This will lead to developing social skills through creative teamwork as well as enhancing communication skills

The visual arts programme is aimed at promoting intellectual, aesthetic and emotional growth.  Students realize the joy of express through various mediums. They learn to appreciate the arts from different cultures as well as the native arts of their country. At the heart of the curriculum or the core are the areas of personel and innovative program called perspectives, life skills, SEWA (social empowerment through work and action) and a research.
Perspectives introduces students to both global and local issues. Then the life skills program covers creative and critical thinking skills, cooperation , leadership skills etc.

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