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UPBS  (Upper  Primary Boy’s Section ) takes immense pride in being the second home to the boys of the age group of 8 to 10 years. The section is headed by the Headmaster  Mr. Mohammed Ismail. He along with his team of teaching staff who are now 101 in number strive to bring academic excellence as well as inculcate moral values which are the need of the hour.  The total strength of the section is about 2160 students with  70 classrooms accommodating  classes  IV & V in main building and Class III in  villa  opposite  to it.

I.   Assemblies  

Morning assemblies are a perfect way to begin the day.  The students and the teachers work together to put up the best show. The children learn moral values and develop a strong sense of patriotism. They also listen attentively to every word of advice given to them by the Principal, Headmaster and teachers. Besides Morning Assemblies, Special Assemblies are also held to highlight the important days like Children’s Day, Library week, Saudi National Day, National Integration Day, Vishwa Hindi Diwas ,National Education Day etc.


II.  Amenities

The section is well equipped with the various amenities which enables in the development of the students. Some of them are:

1)     Library : - The section has a library with a huge collection of books, reference books, study materials, daily newspapers, periodicals  etc. It follows the  ‘ Winnebago ‘ system. Students are encouraged to read more and more with the motto, ‘Reading is the key to success.

2)      Computer Lab : - The section has a well equipped Computer Lab. It has a total of 25 computers. Students are always very excited to visit the lab as they explore themselves the amazing world of Computers with the guidance of the teacher. It helps them to practically learn the subject. The teachers regularly attend the Computer Awareness Programme organized by the school to help facilitate the use of info –tech in teaching.

3)     First Aid: - The section has a well equipped First Aid room with a qualified nurse to cater to the arising emergency daily needs of the students.

III. Extra Curricular Activities

The section hosts various extracurricular activities and sports which help our students grow mentally and physically, such as: -

1.      CCA ( Co Curricular Activities )  - CCA is held once a week . It enables the students to improve their skill and also brings out their hidden talents. Various competitions are held and the best competitor is judged as the winner. Certificates are provided to the winners to boost their confidence. Some of the activities held are Solo Singing, Elocution Competition, Word Building activity, Spelling Bee Competition, Poster making Competition (Group) etc.

2.      SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work ) – SUPW  activities improves motor skills in children and enhances their aesthetic  sense. They learn to be responsible and creative.

3.       Games & P.T. period - The importance of Sports and health is well enhanced in Games & Physical Training period by the Physical Education teacher. Annual Sports are held once a year with various events such as Running Race, Sack Race, Obstacle Race, Basket Ball Shooting, Flat Race, Hopping  Race, Zig-Zag, Race  etc

     4.       Discipline Patrollers (DP’s) – The DP’s of class V strive to maintain discipline of the section. They help the teachers          maintain discipline during assemblies, break time etc.   

    5.       Bulletin Board & Wall Magazine – The News Bulletin Board displays daily news which enables everyone to know the news happening around the world.  Each and every display board deals in different themes and leaves the reader with an educative and informative message.
    6.       Field Trips – The section organizes Field Trips to the students annually.
IV. Scouts & Guides
Cubs Activity under the Scouting Movement for the boys of Upper Primary Boys Section aged between 9 to 10 yrs of classes IV & V was inaugurated by Dr E.K.Mohammed Shaffe, Principal & H.O.I, Commissioner Scouts on 7th  July 2010. Mr Mohammed Ismail, Headmaster of Upper Primary Boys Section under International Indian School – Dammam selected the students on the basis of laid out criteria. 40 students have been enrolled as Cubs which comes under Bharat Scouts and Guides, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



 The section regularly organizes Teachers Orientation Programme or the Teacher’s   Workshops to upgrade the skills of our teaching staff. These demonstration classes help in updating knowledge and the latest trends of teaching


Science Exhibition

Foundation Day


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