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Upper Primary Girls Section

" The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. "

The Upper Primary Girls Section is headed  by Ms. Memoona Tabassum , who takes care of the administration and ensures the smooth running of the section. The management is assisted by a highly resourceful teaching faculty of  about  105 teachers who are giving maximum importance to  providing quality education and are enabling and empowering the learners to emerge as a competent youth, ready to take on challenges  of the rapidly changing world.. The section has a total strength of  2158  students.

Our classrooms provide a conducive environment for learning. The section has a well stocked Library with around 8000 books covering  all subjects of study, story books  and references and does its best to  cultivate the habit of reading to gain more knowledge and use it productively.

Morning Assemblies   form an integral part of our school life. It acts as a medium for communicating matters of significance. We conduct  assemblies to celebrate important days like  National Integration Day, UN Day, World Environment Day , Rededication Day,  Heritage Day, Martyrs Day   etc. It creates a platform for our students to express their thoughts and feelings and display their talents  through assemblies.  The National Anthem develops patriotic feeling among children.

Computer Aided Learning : In our constant endeavour to  keep up with our " Quest for Excellence " and to kindle the interest of students in  different subjects, classroom teaching is complemented with Power Point Presentations prepared by the teachers and provides interesting   information on the topic being covered.. Our well equipped Computer Lab  helps the children to familiarize themselves with the use of  computers to make them tech-savvy.

Co-Curricular Activities  are a means of channelizing students instincts into healthy and fruitful channels. Each student is unique and our primary objective is to  stimulate the interest  and hobbies of the students and provide opportunities for self expression thereby ensuring the formation of balanced and integrated personalities.

The students are divided  into four different Houses viz;  Sapphire,  Ruby, Emerald  and Topaz. Inter-house competitions provide a very competitive platform for group activities as well as instill leadership qualities in the students. The best House is awarded with a Rolling Trophy at the end of the session.

Dramatics, Public Speaking, Talent Clubs offer students opportunities for self-development,  self-expression and creativity. Various competitions  like Spelling Bee, Declamation, Revision Quiz, Poem Enactment, Story-telling, Elocution are conducted and  the talented   students are awarded with Certificates.


As a part of Bharat Scouts & Guides, Bulbul was introduced in our Upper Primary Girls Section in the academic year 2009 – 2010 and   it has successfully completed its fifth year. Annually two Camps are organized, one with in the School Campus, and the second at  any  outside  location  in which the students learned activities for self development and discipline.

With  great  appreciation from parents and response from our staff, the strength of the students has increased to 105. We plan to include many more activities to encourage our students
Arts , Crafts and Music :

Art and Craft are fun for children . Drawing, painting and crafts activities provide an excellent inspiration for ideas. It helps the child to express her thoughts and use the power of imagination and develops creativity. Socially Useful productive Work encourages our children to improve their skills and makes them dexterous. We showcase their work of art for all to see and appreciate their talents. Special instructions are given in the Indian Music. Children are taught National Anthem, and patriotic songs.

Sports and Games :

Playing sports is energy put to good use. Every Thursday children are trained to perform physical  exercises. We conduct sport  activities like sack race, running race, skipping etc. The Sports Closing Ceremony is celebrated and many students participate in colourful  mass drill.


Under  the UPGS Pioneers  club, we have the ‘Young Scientist’ Club, ‘ Mathemagic’ Club, ‘Literary’  Club,  Club for Moral Values and the ‘Green School’ Club. The main aim of the club is to focus on the over-all development of  a student. . Its activities lay emphasis on scientific, mathematical, linguistic, moral values, health and fitness, environmental awareness etc. It gives importance to  development of the child’s problem solving, critical  thinking, responsibility, leadership  quality and health awareness etc. Many activities, competitions and awareness programmes are being organized which will benefit the students over-all growth  and development leading to them becoming a responsible individual in society. UPGS Pioneers Club has successfully completed its third year.


The students of CBSEi of UPGS along with the new upgraded syllabus which use innovative and modern techniques, were also involved in a variety of activities which included field trip to zoo, hospital, nursery, leather factory, ice-cream factory and juice factory. They also had a day camp organized by their teachers. These activities which are mandatory and an integral part of CBSEi, give the students a hands on experience with the way things actually happen and aids in the over-all mental and physical development of students.

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