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“Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”  – Malcolm X

Based on this philosophy, BSSS is led by Mr. Parbhakar Chandola (HOD), a committed, devoted and yet disciplined Headmaster who believes that when everyone is equally dedicated and involved in doing their part, things are done faster and better. When every member of the team is goal-oriented, and work more efficiently, they come up with better ideas and avoid mistakes. With the team of 35  members of the teaching faculty with  high qualifications, experience,  versatile talent and  a ‘Student Centric’ approach,  Boys’ Senior Secondary Section  each year surpassing its own records and setting high standards. To facilitate individualized learning and teaching,  teachers in BSSS harness the strengths and proclivities of each student with regard to specific intelligences and help to overcome their problems. By providing the rich and intellectual environment in the section, an excellent education for our children is ensured.

In harmony with the above quote, BSSS believes in the power and beauty that lies within us. We focus not only on academic excellence but also on a harmonious and synchronized combination of hand, head and heart. In the present era of digitalized world, BSSS continuously works on the challenge to nurture the young minds with the indelible impressions of a holistic education.

I take the opportunity to thank all our stakeholders, especially parents who have unconditionally trusted us and wholeheartedly supported us in providing a safe, conducive, and welcoming school environment that supports learning. With the paradigms of education ever changing, let’s take the arc of history in our hands and bend it towards a better tomorrow in imaginative and innovative ways.


1] Science :

English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Physical Education

2] Commerce :

English,  Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Marketing, Computer Science, Mathematics

Laboratories :

Laboratories not only help to increase a scientific attitude among the students but also  aids in students understanding of scientific concepts and their application; scientific practical skills and problem solving abilities.

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology labs in BSSS are all well-equipped and fully functional with all the necessary tools, salts and chemicals, instruments as per the requirements of the experiments which take place in these laboratories. Also Computer Lab is set up with latest systems.


Library is the place where students  find inspiration, information, and connection with the world. The section has a well resourced with good number of volumes.  Students are provided with the supervised internet access during school hours to be in touch with the Web World of Knowledge. Each class has a library period during the week and there are additional opportunities during recess for children to use this attractive facility. The library subscribes to 9 local and Indian newspapers and 12 magazines. The library has an active procurement program both overseas and local, to add and update its collection.

Dept. of English

Creating interest among the students about English language and literature, the Dept. of English constantly motivates students to read various forms of literature. Also it develops departmental strategies for the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural growth.


To promote and encourage the competitive spirit among students,  BSSS plans Competitions in various subjects like Debate, Elocution,  Quiz,  Poster Making, Book Review and many more.

Educational Visits :

Educational visits subtly develop an understanding of various social issues around the world. Students get a better grip on the local and the global issues. Such visits help students to gain the knowledge of the outside world and ongoing technology which subsequently make their personality better. There are ‘learn-fun’ visits to Historic Places, Exhibitions, Technology Centers, Manufacturing Industries etc which are planned timely.

Morning Assembly :

Morning assembly provides an opportunity for young people to consider spiritual and moral issues, to develop community spirit and reinforce positive attitudes. It also help them overcome the stage fear and foster public speaking. On every Sunday and Wednesday, morning assembly in BSSS is managed by the students, which includes Recitation of Verses from Holy Quran, Reading  News. Thought for the Day, and Special Item which includes presentation on the Current happenings, Observation of Special Days, Drama on social issue or a value based skit  etc. Each class/division gets this opportunity in rotation.

Club Activities:

Sports and Fitness:

Along with Academics,  complete attention is given on the physical and mental fitness of each student in BSSS. Equipments and other sports material is provided to the students to make them excel in the field. Following activities are conducted in the section.

Coaching and equipments are made available for students in :

  1. i) Athletics: Running, High Jump, Long Jump, Discuss Throw, Javelin Throw,          Shot-Put
  2. ii) Outdoor Sports: Coaching and equipments are made available for students in Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Kabaddi & Kho Kho etc.

iii) Indoor Sports: Badminton, Table Tennis

Scouts and Guide:

The mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.

Career Guidance:

BSSS offers its teenagers counseling, guidance and information on various courses offered by Universities and Educational Institutions in India and Overseas. CGC also conducts career talks by professionals from various fields.  Career Fair is conducted annually with participation of leading educational institutions. Parents along with students are invited to attend the career fair which help them choose different career options available for their wards.