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Kindergarten is truly the green house of education in every sense of the word. The ambience created by transforming these tiny saplings into plants follows the same philosophy of tender loving care used in the green house.

Our students are in the age group of 3 ½ to 5 ½ years acquiring basic skills of recognition, reading, writing and arithmetic. Ages 3 through 5 are wonder years. That’s when children begin learning to study, to reason, to co-operate. Children of this age group have to be taught differently from older children. Therefore our methods of teaching are designed to fit the child instead of making the child fit the school. We adopt a combination of Kindergarten as well as Montessori and Play way methods, which make learning fun.

Our Kindergarten family has been continually growing with the present strength of 2000 students and 84 KG teachers and 8 Special care teachers lead by our dynamic Headmistress Ms. Sabina Sajid.

“No child left behind” is the Motto of SCCS. The primary aim of this section is to focus on their development, their social skills academics, emotional and physical aspects and to improve and include them in the society and mainstream them as they progress.

Kindergarten is all about developing “Habits of a lifetime”. The habits of work and the love of learning emerges in an environment, of Monthly Themes and Topics. The lessons and fun filled activities revolve around a central theme.

The Topics help to actively engage a child’s interest, self discipline concentration and self confidence. Oral recitation, songs and rhymes are a part of the daily routine to develop a Happiness curriculum, Phonics along with fine motor skill help to develop hand eye coordination and language skill. Class rules and Brain Gym are introduced and are a part of the syllabus to improve attention, listening skills and learning.

Our teachers work closely with our students, observing their work and offering a one to one guidance in LKG and teaching them independence and responsibility in UKG.

KG is an important stage which lays the foundation for lifelong learning and all round development of a child through sports, off stage and on stage activities and recognizing the fact that learning is a continuous and cumulative experience.

Teaching and parenting is of course a privileged, sacred trust and the

closer we work together, the more fruitful it is for our children. Good values learnt at home and school helps them to develop empathy, compassion and independence.

Mrs. Sabina Sajid

Headmistress KG/SCCS




At Special Childcare we see possibilities in the impossibles by focusing on the talents and abilities possessed by the disabled children which belong to different categories of physical, mental, social and learning disables, fighting big battles with in.

Each child is looked at as an individual in his or her own. To achieve a higher level of self sufficiency and success in academics and personal life, individual needs are systematically monitored through adapted and special equipment’s and materials and innovative teaching procedures.

Evaluation depends upon the achievement of individual goals planned every six months. Academically, high achievers are mainstreamed and others are trained for skills and vocational enhancement.

So, every special child is a gift who unwrap their packages at different times. All they need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them.


Our Kindergarten Campus is indeed a colourful, welcoming one with beautifully painted walls and display boards, water coolers, First Aid unit with a qualified nurse, A well equipped library with picture books, VCR, Over Head Projectors and a play room.


The Morning Assembly: 

The morning assembly denotes an auspicious way to begin the day. It includes a prayer song, pledge, group singing with music and actions, with words of advice from the Headmistress.

Special Assemblies:

Special assemblies are organized by group of teachers and their                  classes to mark solemn accessions like Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day,              Saudi National Day, National Integration Day, Children’s Day, etc.                  The programme presented imparts the message and meaning of the                 event effectively to our little children.



The bond between the teacher and the child is deep and its impact is far-reaching and fruitful. A lot of time and individual attention is paid to the children to lay a strong foundation through Phonic Drill, Sensorial exercises, Pattern writing, Verbal skills and Communication in English improves rapidly irrespective of ones’ mother tongue. Multimedia lessons are shown to improve their verbal and recognition skills.

Number Work:

The aim of each teacher is to create an environment to ensure that education is not only received but also achieved. To begin with our tiny tots learn to recognize numbers and use them in set identifications. Different apparatus like Seguin board, Flash Cards are used to help the child identify and learn to recognize numbers well.

Introduction of a New Language – Hindi:

Our Kindergarten children learn Hindi as well, which is our National Language. To make this subject easy and interesting, we use different kinds of teaching aids such as charts, flash cards, Hindi text as well as multimedia. Moreover, we teach alphabets through songs and rhymes.


Art and Craft:

Art and Craft activities are designed to help the children to practice small muscle skills, gain the eye hand co-ordination. It also helps the children to develop their imagination. Art & Craft forms an integral part of our KG curriculum. Different activities like drawing, painting, cutting on shapes, paper tearing, colouring etc helps to develop muscular skills.

Field Trips:

Field Trips are organized every year and it is a welcome diversion from the daily routine.

Children are taken to Toy Town and each child returns home with a surprise gift.

Sports Activities:

We introduce our tiny tots to sports gradually beginning with simple activities like walking on a straight line, marching, jogging, playing ring – a – ring – a – roses and land and water. Then, we introduce them to the basic skills of popular games like throw ball, basketball and cricket. These elementary sports gently introduce the child to the world of sports and make them understand the concept of physical fitness. “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.

Timely Workshops:

Timely workshops are conducted for teachers to sharpen their skills and improve on the existing teaching method thereby updating the latest teaching techniques in education.

KG Annual Day:

It is the red-letter day in the Kindergarten Calendar; a day marked to cherish the qualitative growth of this section, where in a bonanza of cultural presentations by our students makes the event a memorable one. It truly reflects the talents of our young ones and the planning and teamwork of our staff.

Bulletin Boards:

Good habits learned at this formative stage mature into permanent values. Wall Magazines and display board highlight different themes every fortnight thereby imparting the message behind every theme.

Our children make remarkable progress by the end of their stay in the Kindergarten. Patience and Hardwork are the key words of success. We strive to pursue in the same spirit, making everyday a success imparting knowledge, values and building confidence in our young ones to march ahead to meet the challenges of tomorrow.