TelephoneBoys section013-8142801/2/3/4
Girls section013-8140881/2/5/7/9
Postal AddressP O Box 3320, Al-Khobar – 31952, K.S.A
Can be contacted from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm, Strictly  
Mobile Numbers
Mr. Q AnsariFinance Officer 0506822975
Mr. Mohd Ghouse ShariffI.T Dept. 0559854517
Mr. Alamgir IslamCOE / Admissions 0559439233
Dr. Irfan Wahid MohdVice Principal Academics – Boys 0551674042
Mrs. Tamkeen MAssociate Principal – Girls 0508078754
Mrs. Naseem M HM GSS 0551331512
Mr. LawrenceHM BMS 0509405493
Mrs. Sheema AnasHM GMS 0556742554
Mrs. Lata HM UPBS 0544017135
Mrs. Maimona THM UPGS 0506613412
Mrs. Sadiqa WHM Prep 0507860199
Mrs. Sabina SHM KG 0591643369
Mail To Chairman & HOI Dept. Dept. Cell HM BSSS HM GSSS HM BSS HM GSS HM BMS HM GMS HM UPBS HM UPGS HM PREP HM KGS COE Dept. Accounts Section