GSS & GMS (GUIDES – Classes VI – X Girls)

There are 133 girls in Guides Wing. 

The key objective of Guides Training is to contribute to the overall development of our young enthusiastic guides so that they can lead others towards their goals. Various training programmes were organized in the Girls’ Middle Section and Girls’ Secondary Section throughout the academic year to motivate our Guides to build a sense of confidence, self-esteem, leadership skills and teamwork. This movement provides valuable addition to the formal education offered in our school.

Classes were organized regularly for the Guides to create awareness among them in various fields. They also got an opportunity, through power point presentations, to learn about the origin of the Guides Movement, prayer song, flag song, law, motto and Knowledge of patrol. Many activities were organized like handling kinds of knots, whistle signal, wood-craft signs, whipping, cooking etc. to sharpen their skills. The school makes a conscious effort of developing these guides physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually.


As Guides Movement gives great emphasis on social service, special sessions were arranged to train them in First Aid including remedies for chocking, stretcher making and CPR. Health and recreation were given importance by including BP’S exercise, drill and Troop Wide games in the training sessions. They were given vigorous training in March Past regularly. It is a matter of pride that our school Guides planted many trees in our school premise and took good care of it as a part of nature study. Our dynamic Guides organized special assemblies to commemorate World Peace Day, Gandhi Jayanthi, World Aids Day, Republic Day and many other special occasions.